At Zarcon Landscape we understand that your outdoor space is an extension of you; your interests, your style and your values.   That’s why we put an emphasis on following a process coupled with great design, which results in the extension of your home to the outdoors.  We have qualified and certified designers with formal training that strive to create unique landscapes and design solutions on an individual client basis; straying away from “cookie cutter” templates.

Our design process ensures that the final product embraces form and functionality, while meeting budgetary requirements, to create the perfect retreat for yourself, your family, and your friends, while increasing the value of your property.   We build a relationship with you through the design process which translates into a foundation of honesty, integrity and trust.

We’ve all heard that old adage “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”   Although it may be cliché it is true.  The design is essentially a well thought out plan that takes into account a variety of considerations including: opportunities, constraints, potential issues, aesthetics, materials, construction process, budget and other critical items.   A proper design ensures that issues are worked through on paper before a shovel hits the ground helping to mitigate cost overruns, increases in project scope, change orders and scheduling delays. The simple fact is that it’s impossible to accurately estimate a project let alone construct one without the proper set of plans and for that reason any project beyond a certain scope requires the design process.

From ideas and concepts to final custom 3D renderings, our team strives to allow you to visualize your proposed landscape and outdoor living space through easy to read presentation documents.  These documents provide you, the client, a better understanding of the design, enabling you to provide feedback, make design decisions and avoids surprises on the appearance of the final product.

All these factors culminate into a professional, low stress, high satisfaction experience with a fantastic outdoor space.




Landscape Design

Residential and commercial landscape design solutions ranging from design consultations to complete site analysis, program development, design, and implementation management.

3D Modeling

Individual site “feature” modelling, full site 3D modelling, site walk through, optional project rendering in a number of different styles, site perspective renderings, custom solutions.

Presentation Drawings

Highly refined plans, master plans, details, renderings, perspectives and digital 3D models designed and package via various communication mediums for sales and presentation purposes.

Master Planning

Conceptual master planning, site analysis, feasibility studies, program development, design, consulting and standards development for larger scale private and public development projects.

Construction Drawings

Full construction and specification drawing sets for residential and small commercial development projects, including licensed engineers and landscape architects if required.