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Not All Landscapes Are Created Equal

Not AlL Landscapes
Are Created Equal

The experience begins with your vision that we transform into a design.  That design is our guide to seamlessly integrate your lifestyle with the best of nature with innovative material, technology and construction techniques.  The end result is a unique and personal extension of your home that delights you and differentiates you from the rest.   For the discerning homeowner who wants to add curb appeal or to dramatically enhance their lifestyle with a custom outdoor living space, our creative team partners with you to transform your vision into reality. 

Landscape Architecture & Design

It all starts with a partnership between you and our designer. A collaborative plan merges your vision with our professional expertise to ensure the end result meets both our expectations. Proper investment in listening to your needs, a review of your property, and our expertise even before the first shovel turns over, exposes potential challenges in advance, allows for accurate estimates, solidifies time lines and reduces the opportunity for unwanted surprises. Our partnership with our clients is not just a process; it’s a commitment to deliver a positive experience and an exceptional outcome with excellence and outstanding craftsmanship.

Your outdoor space is an extension of you, your interests, your style and your values and so our expert designers don’t settle for template designs. Whether you want a quiet contemplative space to escape the daily stresses, or an outdoor party and entertainment center it all starts as a clean slate and becomes a design that reflects our exceptional quality and your taste for the extraordinary; it needs to provide style and functionality, long lasting enjoyment, and long term value of your property. Client satisfaction is not enough, customer delight is our goal and customer service is our means.

Landscape Design Plans

2D black and white or colour landscape design plans which start with a site inventory and analysis move to conceptual planning and finally a concept landscape plan. Most of our projects require at a minimum a black and white landscape design.

3D Models & Rendering

We possess the technology and skills to create 3D landscape renderings and models. Whether it be to illustrate a feature or allow you to immerse yourself entirely in the space; we are able to accurately develop to scale providing the ultimate in client visualization.

Landscape Planting Plans

A planting plan specifies the placement, spacing and layout of plants. Our designers strategically choose plant materials based on a wide variety of characteristics with the end goal of creating a lush beautiful landscape that only gets better year after year.

Our Landscape Architect

Adam Zaremba


Adam is a Landscape Architect with full memberships in both the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, and Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. Adam holds a Landscape Architecture Degree from the University of Guelph, a world-renowned leader in landscape architecture education. He has also studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Canberra in Australia and holds multiple certifications related to design and construction. His 15 years plus, in the field constructing projects him with a higher level of insight into the process from initial design to final construction which is unique for a designer.

Along with projects for Zarcon Landscape, Adam has also spent a number of years with a Landscape Architectural firm where he worked on projects that ranged from residential to large scale - commercial and municipal works. These projects included the design work as well as on site supervision and inspection of the actual execution of the designs. The hands on experience in diverse sectors of the industry provides Adam with a wealth of knowledge, from both a design and construction perspective. He continues to drive innovative signature design, not only for Zarcon Landscape, but for clients throughout Ontario and North America.



Outstanding Quality & Service

Not all landscapes are created equal. At Zarcon Landscape we pride on differentiating ourselves in the market with integrity, quality and innovative craftsmanship. No detail is ignored, consistent communication is key, and each installation is completed correctly the first time. To ensure quality and innovation we believe in continuous learning and our staff are encouraged and supported in the pursuit of continuous professional development, certifications and designations to ensure that you receive the highest quality installations using the latest construction techniques, methods, materials and design features. Stagnation is not an option.


Client satisfaction and customer peace of mind is paramount. We stand behind our work with warranties and maintenance service offerings that meet or exceed industry standards providing you with the peace of mind that your investment is protected and supported.


The most critical elements for landscape installations longevity are those foundational materials and processes you can’t see. For these reasons and more, we use quality materials and techniques, working and partnering with respected manufacturers, suppliers and industry professionals.


Our team is always in the pursuit of knowledge within the realm of the landscape, design and construction industry. Throughout the year team members are working through various seminars & training courses ranging from the latest offerings in perennials, lighting design and installation, to safe equipment operation and 3D design solutions.

  1. Consultation

    Meet on site and introduce ourselves to you, providing you with background information on our company, and take a walk through of the site. Review the design process. Discuss a “rough” budget and design fees. Discuss your overall vision including the scope of the project.

  2. Design Proposal

    The designer will present you with a design proposal agreement to either sign on site or review. The agreement will outline the scope, deliverables and a design fee. **With smaller projects an onsite estimate to complete the work maybe provided and for specific large projects a proposal and agreement may be presented to you once completed.**

  3. Site Analysis & Planning

    Site measurements (including topography), inventory and analysis. Photograph site for design and referencing. **On new builds or when the client has hired other professionals to work on site or design plans we typically prefer to work with them beginning in this phase and continue to consult with them as required throughout the design phases.**

  4. Conceptual Design

    Concept plans and concept 3d visualizations. Sample photos of materials, plants and features to convey concept. Revisions until the final concept is created. Budget review. **Larger projects and site developments may require several meetings between the conceptual design and the final design including investigation into permits and approvals – smaller projects that do not require permits are often finalized after one design concept meeting.**

  5. Final Design & Construciton Estimate

    Final design development: master plan, 3D visualizations. Architectural plans, details, specs, engineered drawings (when required) – these drawings are required for construction, accurate estimating and permits. Planting plan or concept planting plan. Material specification If requested accessories specified including: furniture, planters, urns. Construction estimate presented. **Should the scope of the final design change prior to construction an adjusted construction estimate will be created and presented.**

  6. Pre-Construction

    Construction contract drafted, reviewed and signed. Permits if required. Construction scheduling and sub-contractor co-ordination as required. Materials ordered. Utility locates ordered.

  7. Construction

    Construction and installation of design. Regular reviews and status updates to client. Site foreman and designer available daily to ensure quality installation with high attention to detail.

  8. Project Close Out

    Final walk through. Outstanding items finalized. Final invoicing. Review of warranty and recommended maintenance “As built drawings” created if required for utilities/systems. Professional photography of project. View our maintenance services ensure your investment stays protected and looking great for years to come.

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