Lawn Care



Lawn care has been the longest offered service at Zarcon Landscape and the service upon which the company was founded over 15 years ago. Members of our team have cut over 22,000 lawns ranging from standard neighborhood properties to large acreage estate properties. We continue to offer professional, reliable and competitively priced lawn cutting and lawn care services throughout the Niagara Region including Pelham, Fonthill and Fenwick. Our lawn care team prides itself on operating in a professional and courteous manner while providing a timely professional service with little to no disruption leaving your lawn looking its best week after week.

Lawn Cutting

We offer weekly lawn cutting services for residential, acreage properties/estates, and commercial clients, typically starting late April to early May and continuing until October or later when we have our first solid freeze. We also offer a number of payment methods and plans. Contact us to learn more and request a free, no obligation quote.

Lawn Cutting

Lawn Aerating

We recommend that aerating be completed in late spring, early summer and/or early fall depending on the grass. Aerating helps promote a healthier growing lawn with a greater drought tolerance. It improves water, oxygen and nutrient flow through soil, and helps to remove thatch, while at the same time encouraging grass to root more deeply.

Lawn Dethatching

Dethatching is the process of using a specialized machine called a “power rake” that combs your lawn and kicks out the debris including the thatch. Once the lawn is combed, the debris and thatch is raked off leaving a dethatched lawn. Dethatching is recommended in late spring/early summer and/or early fall depending on the grass.

Lawn Rolling

Lawn rolling is only recommended in particular situations depending on your lawn’s condition, uses and age. Compaction caused by rolling can SOMETIMES cause more harm than good.

Lawn Restoration & Sod Installation

We offer lawn restoration services ranging from simple overseeding and top dressing to full lawn renovations including existing sod removal, top soil installation, grading, sod installation and rolling. Some of our overseeding and top dressing services are most effective when paired with lawn aerating.

Lawn Overseeding

Over-seeding / Reseeding is the process of sowing grass seed over an already existing lawn to fill in bare/thin spots, replace dead grass, and create an overall healthier, fuller lawn. Sometimes to properly over-seed / reseed other services are recommended to get the best results, including top dressing.

Lawn Top Dressing

Top dressing is the process of adding soil over top of your existing lawn. Generally top dressing is used to build up your lawn and address holes, low spots, dead patches and uneven conditions. It also helps promote growth especially when using nutrient rich soils.

Our Packages

We can create custom packages for maintenance and lawn care services which can include maintenance services packaged with lawn cutting, aerating, rolling, overseeding and more. Contact us to discuss creating a custom maintenance and lawn care package for your property.


Offered in conjunction with our lawn cutting services each maintenance package is tailored for our clients’ specific requirements.

  • Remove Debris (Leaves, Twigs, branches)
  • Remove weeds and clean up gardens
  • Edge Gardens
  • Install / top up garden soil and mulch
  • Prune Shrubs
  • Lawn Cutting


Offered in spring and fall seasonal maintenance packages are tailored for each individual client’s property requirements.

  • Remove Debris (Leaves, Twigs, branches)
  • Remove weeds and clean up gardens
  • Edge Gardens
  • Install / top up garden soil and mulch
  • Prune Shrubs
  • Overseed lawn

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